Production takes place in Jaipur, in the region of Rajasthan, where the gemstones are hand-cut, polished and set on (mainly recycled) silver and 18ct gold plating. Our handcrafted jewellery is sustainable, made from ethically sourced semi-precious gemstones set on eco-friendly recycled sterling silver.

gems on table

All our jewellery boxes are handmade and to help reducing environmental impact we use 100% recycled, recyclable packaging material and compostable plastic sleeve bags. 

hand cut gems

hand polished gem We are against mass-production and standardised style giving priority to handcrafted, sustainable and distinctive design, reflecting our individual identity.  

“I feel very lucky to have had the opportunity of meeting such incredibly talented people, with whom the professional relationship has grown over time into a genuine family friendship. It is a gradual process, involving regular communications over the phone, or in person when on my trips to India, sharing ideas and concepts, discussing details of materials and stones choice for each design.

I am proud to promote the traditional craftsmanship of India in jewellery making and I strongly value the great skills of the artisans who make possible to transform my ideas into reality, by creating our beautiful and your favourite pieces”. - Founder, Donatella Balsamo

hand made necklace green

hand made necklace